Let me coach you

Discover the power of deep listening and coaching


Finding your balance between personal and professional life is possible!

Are you a professional mum, who gives to everyone but never finds time for yourself?

If you realize that you tend to forget yourself, and that you start to feel the consequences on your mental and physical well-being, you are in the right place.

Let me help you take better care of yourself and create an amazing life for you.

Health Coaching

I know how you feel, I’ve been there. 

I moved from New Zealand to Switzerland 12 years ago and found out that I was pregnant at the same time. What a change in my life! I went from exploring New Zealand, traveling the world for work and building my career, to juggling hats in a country I didn’t know and struggling to keep pace.

Over the past 12 years, as a full time working mum and married to a traveling business owner, I have gone through many challenges and learned to organize myself better, find support and remember to take care of myself. I devoured personal development blogs and books, bought health and wellness courses, and started working with a life coach to improve my self-confidence and work on my life goals. I enjoyed being coached so much that I decided to become a coach myself and trained with the Integrative Institute of Nutrition.

Today I’m here to help working mums find a balance between their kids, their work and their personal lives. With my personal experience and supported by my training in health coaching, I am perfectly equipped to support mothers towards their best life.


“I highly recommend working with Christelle. She listens deeply and offers amazing guidance to make simple, small changes that transform your life and help you achieve your goals. Her caring spirit and curiosity along with a bit of humour are transforming many women’s health in a truly holistic way. Thank you Christelle keep spreading you magic.”


Tell me:  Does it sound like you?


There is never enough time in the day, you simply don't have a minute for yourself.


You don't have family close-by for support and feel like you never get a break.


You feel tired in the morning when you wake up, and you have little energy during the day.


You have big dreams for your life, but you are so busy and tired, you can't seem to work on them.


You are divided between your kids and your work.

All of this is making you feel frustrated, exhausted, stressed and out of control.

You feel unaligned and unfulfilled, uncertain about the future and guilty that you are not giving your best to your kids, or your work.

I feel you!

I’ve been there myself, battling anxiety, sleep issues and an auto-immune disease. I want you to know that you can find a better way to live than simply surviving and soldiering on day after day.

You deserve a better life, a life in which you are in control of how you feel and a life that excites and motivates you.

Online Health Coaching

When you work with me, your life can look very different. You will:


Have more sleep and resting time without felling guilty.


Have more time and energy for yourself and for your family.


Have a support group that knows what you're going through.


Feel less stressed, laugh more, be more relaxed.


Get more satisfaction from life and feel fulfilled.

How do I work?

As a holistic coach, I look at all aspects of your life to improve your wellbeing.  My coaching is based on four pillars:



Tools and systems to help you create time in your day and stay on top of your life.


Cooking & Recipes

Recipes, cooking tips and nutrition information to help you nourish your body, the easy and healthy way.

Benefits of Health Coaching



Learning to control your MIND to reduce stress & overwhelm and feel calmer and clearer.


Movement & Rest

Learning to look after your BODY, balancing between exercise and rest for extra energy.

What coaching looks like

I offer a 1:1 PRIVATE coaching experience, designed to meet your individual needs.  While we will follow my signature program pillars, each session will be customised to your needs, because we are all unique.

What you can get when working with me:


Coaching Questionnaire

Pre-coaching questionnaire to deep dive.

Online Zoom or Phone

6×60 minute calls on Zoom or on the phone, weekly or bi-weekly.



Accountability text messages to help keep you on track.

Personalised Action Plan

An action plan after each session that we craft together to get you closer to your goals.


Private Support Group

Access to my private Facebook Group with other working mums for extra support.


Additional Extras

Unlimited support by email

Reading material, book references and exercises to perform between sessions

Recipes, help with cooking, meal planning and reorganising your pantry

Invitation to special events when applicable


Christelle is a good listener, she perfectly understands what you are speaking about.

She makes you feel comfortable and it is easy to open yourself with her.
She offers solutions tailor made to your situation, she gives you a different point of view and some tips that makes life easier.
She is enthusiastic of your progress. She knows how hard it can be and she encourages you to do better for yourself.
I strongly recommend her program, you can learn to see things in a different way, to find a new approach and to be more positive.”