The Working Mums Club – Group coaching

A safe place for international working mothers in Switzerland who want to build connections and receive support on their motherhood journey.

Being an international working mother in Switzerland can be challenging.

You might be far from your family, with only a small community of friends around you.

Your job might be demanding and taking a lot of your time, focus and energy.

Daycare options are not always the most flexible and you find yourself juggling between work, home and kids activities.

You feel torn between advancing your career and spending more time with your kids. Maybe you even feel judged for working too much but can’t imagine how to change things around…

Don’t do it alone!

Motherhood is a journey and an even more complicated one if you are working and trying to balance it all together. But you’re not alone, other mums are facing the same challenges, experiencing similar feelings and looking for solutions, just like you.

Finding a tribe of like minded mums who can share their experience with you and support you as you make changes in your lifestyle is so important. This is what you will find in the Working Mums Club, as well as professional support from me as your health coach. 


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