Return to work with confidence

Going back to work can be daunting, but with the right preparation and support, you might actually enjoy it!

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Is your maternity leave ending soon and you’re returning to work?

Are you scared that you won’t be up to the task because you’re too tired from interrupted nights, not well organised at home and stressed by the prospect of having to work? Do you feel guilty for leaving your baby alone after months together?

If you feel like going back to work is a mountain to climb, there are ways to help you approach it. The services that I offer are here to help you navigate this difficult period and better respond to it.

Discover my Back to Work programme.

4 weeks together to get you well prepared to return to work successfully.

Through weekly coaching calls and personalized resources, we will explore together how you can best prepare yourself and find the best support to make your return to work successful.

I don’t have one recipe to success here, we are all different in the way we approach life. What you need is a custom approach to define what success means to you, how you want to feel and what you need to put in place to get there.

Here are some of the ingredients that we can work on together:

  • Taking stock: where are you, what is stressing you, what do you need?
  • Defining a plan: childcare, responsabilities in the couple, routines, organisation.
  • Learning tools to manage your day to day: stress management, mindfulness, communication.
  • Prioritising self-care: sleep, carving time, mental health check-in, fitting in exercise.
  • Getting organised in the kitchen: meal prep, recipes, eating for energy.
  • Coping at work: managing colleagues’ expectations, staying focused at work.
  • Ensuring success in the long term: finding your community, what support do you need?

Meet your coach, Christelle 

I am a health coach and mentor for busy working mums.

After 15 years spent in corporate, working full-time with a travelling CEO husband and burning myself out, I finally followed my dream to launch my own business, Be Well With Christelle.

My mission is to support other working mums who want to progress their career or launch their business, without compromising their family life and their health.

I help mums fight anxiety and stress, improve their sleep, look after themselves better so that they can have all the energy they need to go after their dreams and look after their beloved family.

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How does it work?

This is a short programme of four weeks, with the unique objective to make you feel ready and empowered to embrace motherhood and work at the same time.

During our four weeks together, we will have deep conversations on Zoom (or in person if you are in the Lausanne area) weekly, exchange by email when needed and equip you with the best tools and knowledge to make your return to work a success – defined on your terms!


Weekly 1:1 coaching calls on Zoom


Flexibility to meet your schedule, come with baby if needed!


Home exercises, recommendations or workbooks as needed.


650 CHF for 4 weeks, or 200 CHF for an individual session.

Contact me and take charge of your life!

Let me support you in this important transition. With a few changes in your lifestyle and a good support system, you can find balance between a career you crave and a family life you love.